Some words from Indigo Hypnosis clients on how we have worked together with hypnotherapy to create positive change in their lives!


“Joanne exudes calm and tranquility. I went to her for my first ever hypnotherapy session for stress. Joanne made me feel completely safe and relaxed and I came out of my session feeling renewed. I can highly recommend her!”

Dawn, Buckhurst Hill, Essex


“Thank you so much for changing my life. I have gone four years without joining my family going on holiday by plane, I always had to meet them in the far flungs of Europe by car or train. Just thought of getting on a plane, or even looking at a plane fly past would turn my stomach. After working with you, I felt more confident and then made the step of booking a holiday with my family by plane. I have just got back from travelling both ways by plane and it was fine. I would highly recommend you to anyone that has a fear or phobia. Jo, you are fantastic”

J. Browne, Wanstead, East London


“Joanne is amazing. I had a few hypnotherapy sessions with her focusing on various issues and culminating in a “stop smoking” session. I was stunned to find that not only did I not crave a cigarette after the session but I even found the whole concept of smoking so bizarre that I couldn’t believe I had ever done it. I can’t thank her enough!”

T.K. Loughton, Essex


“I had a long term issue with driving on motorways and fast roads like A406 and in only four sessions I have a new lease of life. Joanne has given me tools to use if I have fear of panic attacks and they WORK. I definitely would recommend her.”

Lorraine, Chigwell, Essex


“I can vouch for Joanne and her professional skills. Hypnotherapy is very personal and deep; you need to feel total trust and safety. I feel that with Joanne and would recommend her to anyone.”

Mrs. B. Woodford Green, Essex


“I have had some issues like anxiety about being a passenger in a car, lack of self confidence, being scared of dogs, driving on motorways, travelling on underground. I saw Joanne for 6 sessions for hypnotherapy and I can confidently say that I have been able to do all these things since. I drove on the motorway without even thinking about it and then realised what I was doing. It felt so exhilarating. Whilst hypnotherapy is not a miracle cure, its a fantastic way to try and combat negativity. Joanne is absolutely fantastic and has an excellent calm manner about her, she makes you feel so much at ease yet remaining professional. Straight after your session with her she will send you the recording of the session, so that you are able to listen to it over and over again in the luxury of your home. I would never go to anyone else and would highly recommend Joanne if you’re considering having hypnotherapy. It is not how you see it on TV, you are totally in control and know exactly what is happening. Don’t suffer more than you have, book an appointment with Joanne and feel great about yourself.”

Managing Anxiety – U.R. Loughton Essex


“Joanne is trustworthy, calm, reassuring and patient. I can highly recommend her for hypnotherapy that brings successful and rewarding results in a safe environment.”

Generalised Anxiety – R.B. Woodford Green Essex


“Confidential, professional, caring! My first experience of hypnotherapy proved to be far more help than some of the counselling I have received in the past. Many ‘hang-ups’ were explained and resolved by understanding the ‘why’! I would recommend Indigo Hypnosis to anyone who needs answers or has a fear or problem to work through.”

Confidence and self-esteem – A.P. Woodford Green Essex


“Most amazing experience. I thought I would never fly to Florida. With Jo’s experience and hard work I am pleased to say I can’t wait to do the flight again. Thank you Joanne”

Fear of Flying – Karen Woodford Green Essex


“Working with Joanne  has been one of the most empowering and positive leaps I’ve ever taken. I would recommend this highly skilled, emphatic, wonderful professional hypnotherapist to absolutely everyone I know! Thank you Joanne, I’ll never forget this.”

Life Changes – Louise Harlow Essex


“I accidentally came across an advertorial of Joanne in a magazine while sitting in a hairdresser.  At that time I needed something or someone to help me with a difficult time in my life and it transpired that Joanne was that lady. She was very professional but kind and I’m most grateful to her for helping me get through a rough patch with a gentle and sympathetic manner.”

Life Changes S.G. Loughton


“Joanne has really helped me overcome my anxiety specifically when it comes to commuting to work. Her techniques and her understanding has really allowed me to go about my daily life with less worries.”


Fear of Fainting E.H. Loughton


“I fully recommend you go and see this lady if you have absolutely anything going around in your mind you want to understand and move on from in a positive manner, it’s hard to pin point what happens because it just happens and the way Joanne has developed my mind and thought process is nothing other than a miracle.
Joanne I will never forget your very kind words throughout my treatment and I wish you every success in the future.”

Anxious Thoughts – L.P. Chigwell


“Joanne is amazing. Easy to talk to she instils in you a sense of calm and safe keeping the minute you step into her warm and welcoming treatment room. I was totally relaxed yet in complete control. It was really helpful for me and I also came away from the sessions with various tools such as simple exercises and techniques as well as recordings by Joanne to help me better manage any issues going forward. I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone needing help with anxiety, negative thinking, confidence and other such issues.”

Worry Thoughts – Jayne, Loughton



“I went to visit Joanne at Indigo Hypnosis following a car accident. I was one of the drivers in the accident and I was finding it increasingly difficult to get back in the car. I suffered a number of panic attacks whilst driving and was convinced that I was going to be killed every time I stepped into the vehicle. I need to be able to drive for work so I sought Joanne’s help. After only one session with her I got back into my car and was perfectly calm. I’m delighted to say that I’ve been fine ever since. I will never be able to thank Joanne from Indigo enough for what she’s done for me. I would recommend her without any hesitation.”

Fear of Driving – Emma, Loughton


“I have gone from someone terrified of what’s around the corner, to someone that is looking forward to what the future holds in a positive way. Jo has gone above and beyond with her time to ensure that I got back on track as quickly as possible.”


Generalised Anxiety – Sam, Buckhurst Hill


“I had been suffering daily panic attacks and severe anxiety since the birth of my second child when I contacted Joanne. It was one of the best decisions and money ever spent. I have not had a panic attack since my very first session with Joanne, she is simply amazing at what she does; professional, warm, extremely knowledgable and it was nice to know that someone was on my side. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me, truly life-changing. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Panic Attacks – Lousie, Loughton


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