Sugar and Anxiety Have a Connection


Sugar and anxiety have a connection

Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth?  Maybe you love carbs like bread, cakes, crisps, and biscuits.  We all enjoy these treats and of course, we all know how they affect our body shape and weight.

The thing is, too much sugar in your bloodstream can add also affect our mood and adds to the physical symptoms of anxiety.


The body goes into overdrive to work hard to change that sugar into usable energy. After we eat too much sugar, the body will release the hormone insulin to move the excess glucose into energy or fat stores, in order to stabilise the body’s blood sugar level.  It is this that leads to a slump in energy and productivity after a carb-rich lunch, or a munch on half a packet of hobnobs!


The highs and lows of this process can bring feelings of brain fog, irritability, energy slump and a nervous jittery type feeling that leaves you drained of energy.

Sounds like the symptoms of anxiety right? If you suffer from any kind of anxiety or experience low mood/depression, excessive sugar consumption will add to these symptoms and may even trigger them.


Some nutritional expoerts are now describing sugar as being akin to a drug, and the alarming rise in type 2 diabetes diagnoses is telling us that we have got out of balance with our western, highly processed diets.

Suddenly stopping your intake of sugar is not a great idea for anyone who experiences anxiety as cutting out sugar too quickly can create withdrawal symptoms which mimic anxiety.

As with most things, balance is key, alongside being observant of your response to sugar highs and lows so that you can minimise any possible impact on your wellbeing, in mind and body.

Some people say that anxiety is “all in your mind”.  I like to add to that statement; it is also “all in your body”.


I work with clients to balance the mind and body to create harmony with a combination of taking care of your physical wellbeing and also your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy is more than hypnosis.  If you would like to work with me to get in control of your anxiety contact me here.