Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy

Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy

Mindfulness is becoming more and more popular and is now being used by mainstream mental health professionals, termed as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy or MBCT.

The practice of mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist meditation where the stillness of mind, appreciation for the moment, all of life and a focus upon gratitude are practiced.

Mindfulness means maintaining a moment by moment awareness of your feelings, bodily sensations, thoughts, and your environment in a calm gentle way.

Accepting thoughts in the present, not projecting to the future or focusing on the past is a key part of mindfulness practice.

This meditative practice is deeply calming and soothing and is very helpful for those experiencing anxiety and depression.  MBCT practitioners focus upon using mindfulness to prevent relapses in client depression and/or anxiety issues.

Hypnotherapy is different from mindfulness in that it has a directive element to it, the focus is upon desired change or outcome.   You wish to feel calmer so the hypnotherapy session will be using certain language patterns and suggestions for you to change the way that you feel, to accept certain things and to adopt new patterns of thinking and therefore behavior.

Mindfulness is time spent completely within the moment, not about change but simply being aware of exactly how the air feels upon your skin in a particular environment.  Noticing how each fingertip will feel as it makes contact with the arm of the chair.  Spending time in this meditative state is deeply calming and beneficial which is why mindfulness practice and hypnotherapy can combine very nicely.

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