Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a debilitating condition which affects the digestive system with a variety of uncomfortable symptoms.  IBS can affect any one of us at any time in our lives, and although its cause is not entirely clear, there is evidence that it can be caused and certainly exacerbated by stress and anxiety.


Learning self-hypnosis and the practice of mindfulness can help with IBS because the regular practice of deep relaxation of the mind and body switches off your stress response, helping your digestive system to calm down, easing symptoms.


Complete Course of Six IBS Hypnosis MP3 Downloads £29.99


Best practice is to listen to each of the downloads, in the order set out above.  Work with each download for around 7-10 days before moving on the next session.  Each hypnosis download completes a step in a journey to gentle change, giving you the confidence in your own skills and natural abilities to overcome and sooth the symptoms of IBS.

These hypnosis sessions are to be complementary to allopathic medicine, and it is important that you maintain regular check ups with a medical doctor to monitor your wellbeing, alongside the hypnosis programme.

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