It is great news that therapists can now return to work with in person appointments, as long as we do work within the latest government guidelines and advice from our regulatory bodies.


I have completed a full risk assessment and put measures in place so that you can feel confident if you choose to come along to the treatment room for an in person treatment. For now I will be offering hypnotherapy and past life regression hypnotherapy only.  I am hopeful that I can resume Crystal Reiki healing treatments very soon.


Upon booking in you will be sent two questionnaires to complete via my secure and encrypted booking software system.  The first is your general intake form which is usually completed in the treatment room, but with the current guidelines this is now to be completed on line.  The second questionnaire you will need to complete within the 24 hours before your appointment, this is focused upon your current well-being and confirms that you are symptom free and have not been in contact with anyone who is displaying corona virus symptoms. I know this is a lot to ask, but please bear with me as this forms a large part of my ability to return to in person treatments.
If you book in for an appointment and feel unwell even half an hour before your appointment time, please do message me to re-book when you are feeling well once again.
Please bring your own bottle of water/drink with you, again I usually offer clients water to drink but under the restrictions I have been advised not to do so.  I will not hold out my hand to shake yours as was my standard practice before, lets look forward to when we can do this again!
Please be prompt for your appointment time.  I am carrying out a thorough clean and sanitising the surfaces, taps, door knobs etc. in between each client and also airing the room with doors and windows open for 30 minutes between clients.
When you arrive for your appointment I will meet you out the front and invite you through into the treatment room in a socially distanced manner of leaving 2 metres between us.  I will show you into the treatment room where you can wash your hands and sanitise them if you wish.  Paper towel will be provided for you to dry your hands hygienically.
I will then come into the treatment room and wash my hands also.  The room has been altered so that we can sit together in the treatment room 3 metres apart giving us plenty of space and distance, the windows will be open to circulate fresh air.
Couch roll will be used to cover the chair you sit in, and for now I will refrain from offering you a blanket.
Payment on line is being encouraged, although I do have a payment machine which I will of course be sanitising between uses/clients.
The waste bin for paper towels, couch roll and tissues will be freshly lined and then disposed of after each client.  I will be using gloves to clean and sanitise the treatment room between clients.
If you need to use the loo, which does sometimes happen, then I am designating one bathroom for clients to use on the days that clients are booked in.  If a client uses the loo, I will completely clean and sanitise the bathroom in between clients and ventilate the room.  There will be paper towels available for you to dry your hands and a clean lined bin.
You can also rest assured that if I were to notice that I was displaying any symptoms of the virus or feeling unwell in any way, or if anyone that I had been in contact with was displaying any symptoms, I would refrain from working with clients for 14 days.
In saying all of this, the risk at present is extremely low yet it is important that we do everything we call can to realistically manage the risk.  Cleaning, disposing of couch roll etc, efficiently and with gloves, hand washing and airing the room along with the practice of 2 metre social distancing and avoiding treatments when showing any symptoms, are the most practical and efficient steps that can be taken and are in line with government guidelines.


As the guidelines change then the above may change, and I do sincerely hope that the changes are in a positive direction and that the virus eventually recedes and we can all begin to re-build our confidence to return to the “real normal”.
If you still feel uncomfortable about coming along for an in person session, I can of course still see you via Skype call.  Contact me here to book to arrange the appointment that is right for you.