Hypnosis for IBS

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Hypnosis for IBS can help to calm and soothe your symptoms.

IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,  is a debilitating condition which has many factors, one of which is anxiety. When the body prepares to flee from threat, and instigates your fight or flight response, digestion is paused as the body is only concerned with priming you to survive, utilising all of your resources required for this, and pausing any that it feels at that time are unnecessary.
The part of you that instigates the fear response, the subconscious mind, does not differentiate between a real threat to your survival or a perceived threat, it simply receives that message that you feel anxiety.
When your fear response is triggered often, as it is for so many of with the incredibly fast pace of life today, your body will literally prepare you to run. If your stomach/bowel contents are released you can run faster.

If you are suffering from a low level or generalised anxiety, the fear response is triggered at various times during the day, therefore your digestion is affected by the fear response. This can lead to discomfort in the stomach/bowel, bloating, and often the need to visit the loo quickly. All of these symptoms then lead to more anxiety as you worry about managing the condition, thus creating a negative cycle
Hypnosis can help you to learn new skills to relax and manage your anxiety and the more you relax, the more your internal organs, including the digestive system, can relax, thus greatly reducing the symptoms of irritable bowel.

It is important to note here, that there may be other clinical factors involved, therefore it is important to visit your GP and ask for advice to rule out any underlying health conditions. More often than not there will be nothing sinister present at all, it is advisable to take food intolerance into account, as well as looking at your overall all diet and well-being as these things may also factor.

This being said, hypnosis is a gentle treatment which works alongside traditional/allopathic medicine, so it is perfectly safe and beneficial to use both approaches once you have a clear diagnosis.

A course of hypnotherapy can really help to calm down your digestion and give you the tools to manage and feel much freer from irritable bowel syndrome.

Hypnosis recordings will be sent to you to listen to in between our sessions which will really underpin the work that we are doing, ensuring that your new ability to relax and new coping mechanisms become instinctive.
If you have been suffering with IBS, consider booking in for a free 30 minute telephone consultation and we can discuss how hypnosis for IBS can help you.

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