Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias

Hypnosis for fears and phobias can help you to overcome even the most unusual of phobia!

Most of us at some time in our lives have felt a level of fear around something that we generally consider to be non-threatening.

Our fear response is instinctive, the subconscious mind will instigate your natural fight or flight response when it perceives that you are under threat. However, your fight or flight response cannot differentiate between an actual threat or a perceived threat.

If you are suffering from a phobia, however bizarre or seemingly irrational, it could be that at some point in your past, a situation of actual feelings of fear for a genuine reason have become connected to a visual image, sensation or even sound.

For example, an inexplicable, almost paralysing fear of buttons may seem very strange indeed, and cause all kinds of problems for the sufferer, but when unwound in hypnosis, which is your natural state of learning and processing, the awareness of an incident in early childhood is brought forward.

That memory of choking on a button, being shaken by the ankles, slapped hard on the back with a feeling of extreme panic from a very concerned parent had always been there, but not necessarily associated with the fear. In hypnosis, this event can be processed, and the old fear reaction to the visual stimulus of a button is put into perspective.

More often than not, our often seemingly irrational fears have a perfectly sensible explanation, and feelings of fear can be accumulative, therefore the longer the fear has been present, the stronger the experience of that fear becomes, until we simply become fearful of the feelings of fear itself.

Whatever you fear or phobia is, no matter how strange or unusual you may think it is, hypnotherapy can help. No fear or worry is too small, if it is negatively affecting the quality of your life, then I would welcome the opportunity to help you with hypnosis.

Buttons, birds, bananas, shoe laces, shellfish, clowns, clocks, the moon are just a few examples that have been successfully overcome.

Generally speaking, two to four sessions will be required where you will gain valuable insight into the fear, along with learning some lifelong skills to combat fear and anxiety in any situation. During targeted hypnotherapy sessions you never be ‘forced to face your fear’ the process is extremely gentle and demonstrative of the incredible power of your mind, to see yourself experiencing the phobia objectively, gaining full understanding, and then releasing the fear completely. Each client is individual and is treated with complete respect and care.

If you have a fear or phobia that has been holding you back, and are interested in hypnosis for fears and phobias,  please get in touch with me so that we can arrange a phone call.