Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

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Hypnosis for fear of flying can literally set you free to travel anywhere you wish, free of anxiety!

Whether you have always been a little anxious about flying, or you have found that over the years your fear has increased and is now stopping you from enjoying holidays, or even travelling for work, hypnotherapy can help.
If you have a fear of flying, then you have probably been told enough times the statistics and about how safe air travel actually is compared to many other activities or modes of transport, however being told this countless times will not make you feel any easier.

A fear of flying can stem from a negative flight experience, or can just arise for no seemingly apparent reason along with other types of fear such as anticipatory anxiety, or situational anxiety. However, whatever the trigger, all of the symptoms of your anxiety will feel the same, the quickening heart beat, excess perspiration, butterflies in the stomach, even nausea, as your body’s natural fight or flight instinct ‘kicks in’.
The instinct to run from a threat is entirely natural, and something which is actually designed to help you to thrive and survive, however this primal instinct has no discernment, and really cannot tell the difference between a real threat i.e. a predatory animal, and a perceived threat, i.e. another email or text demanding your attention when you are already overstretched.

As the stress piles up, your anxiety levels increase generally and often then begin to seep into other areas, manifesting in a fear of flying, driving, or any other situation where you may to a degree feel vulnerable with a total lack of control.

It is interesting to consider how your fears can often reflect what is going on in your life generally, and can often be a really useful sign that it is time to change.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying is a gentle process, which will help you to learn to relax, to get in control of your general stress and anxiety levels, and really get that fear into perspective. Any past negative experiences, for example a memory of a particularly turbulent flight, can be released, leaving you free to fly in comfort.

If you would like to discover more about how hypnotherapy can help you, please do get in touch. 

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