Hypnosis for Fear of Driving

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Hypnosis for fear of driving can give you the keys to freedom!

If you have been struggling to drive on particular roads, maybe busier roads or motorways, you will know how much additional stress this can bring to your life, planning journeys carefully to avoid certain roads, avoiding certain events or having to arrange other forms of transport which takes up more of your valuable time.

You may have lost confidence in your driving and not be comfortable driving anywhere at all at the moment, even as a passenger.

However you are feeling, do know that this is so common and affects many of us, at different times during our lives.

Hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing treatment to help you to overcome your fears. Maybe you have always had a certain degree of anxiety which has gradually worsened over the years, or a recent experience may have instigated the feelings?

However your fear manifests for you, together we can work upon gently building your confidence, as you gain a much clearer understanding of the nature of anxiety, and learn valuable coping mechanisms, together with targeted hypnosis sessions to help you to release yourself and move on from past fear, enabling you to now drive anywhere you choose!

Generally, depending upon your individual needs, as there may be other issues to consider, you will need somewhere between 3-6 sessions. My philosophy is simple, I aim treat the person, not just the condition you present with, leaving you feeling so much more comfortable, positive, confident and able to now enjoy life to the full.

All hypnosis sessions are followed up with your bespoke audio recording, which is usually sent to you as an MP3 recording for you to listen to in between sessions. For those clients who prefer a CD, this is also simple to produce.

For more information on booking sessions of hypnosis for fear of driving, please do get in touch with me. I offer everyone a free 30 minute telephone consultation so that we can talk things through, and you can decide if you wish to book in for sessions.

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