Hypnosis for Claustrophobia

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Hypnosis for claustrophobia can help you to feel comfortable and secure in any space

To feel a degree of claustrophobia is more common that you may think. It may be that you are nervous about going into lifts, rooms without windows, or even an MRI scanner. However your fear of being enclosed manifests, and however strong that fear may have become, hypnotherapy can help enormously.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, deeply relaxing treatment that helps with all kinds of fears and phobias, that as human beings we all at some time in our lives, to some degree, may suffer from.

It is perfectly reasonable for you to have some level of vigilance in certain obviously potential dangerous situations, your natural fear response is instinctive and is there to protect you
For example, you do need to associate certain scenarios with a sense of caution, for example, being vigilant when crossing a busy road.

However, if you have begun to associate every day places, such as lifts, underground stations, changing rooms in shops etc., with extreme hyper-vigilance, which gives rise to unpleasant symptoms of anxiety and even panic, then you would benefit greatly from hypnotherapy.

We will work together to ensure that you really grasp the nature of those feelings of panic and anxiety, and how you can get back in control of them. Hypnosis sessions can help you to unwind those feelings and help you to understand the cause of your phobia, to manage your fear and to find more relaxed ways of being, leaving you free to enjoy life with much more comfort.

To release a phobia, you will need an average of three sessions which will involve cognitive work on understanding the true nature of your fear response, together with focused hypnosis to unwind your fear. Of course, each client is individual, I have helped a client to easily manage an MRI scan with just one session, and also helped another to travel comfortably on the underground in five sessions.

It may be helpful for you to know that I have conducted hypnotherapy sessions with clients, who for the first session need the door and windows open, after which they become far more comfortable and are perfectly able to enjoy relaxing treatments with the door closed.

If you would like to have a chat about how hypnosis for claustrophobia can help you, or if you have any questions about hypnotherapy, please do get in touch, I offer everyone a free 30 minute telephone consultation so that you can gain more

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