Drinking Enough Water Helps With Anxiety Symptoms


Drinking Enough Water Helps With Anxiety Symptoms

A well-hydrated body is always a more relaxed body.  A large percentage of your body is made up of water, in particular the brain which is around 80% water.

It is through water in our body that electrolytes assist the function of the signals within our nervous system, water carries the messages we need to function.

When it comes to anxiety this is really important.  When we feel anxious it is our body’s natural fight or flight response that is being activated.  When we are in fight or flight mode, digestion is greatly affected or even stops altogether.

That sudden weight in the stomach, a lurching feeling in the gut or butterfly tummy are all symptoms that most of us have experienced.

Digestion begins in the mouth, with saliva therefore when we become very nervous and our anxiety response is triggered, the mouth becomes dry as digestion has been compromised.

Sipping water regularly when you are feeling anxious can help with this as it sends a message to the nervous system that digestion is ready to begin again.

Water is our life force, even the bones are around 31% water!  It is so important to keep this water clean and flowing to maintain good physical and mental wellbeing.

Water can also be seen as the element of our emotions.  When something hurts us, water springs from our eyes, cleansing away the pain.  Studies have been performed to examine tear water, there is a chemical difference between emotional tear water and hay fever or irritant tear water.  Water is cleansing.

When you go for a massage and have those knots of tension worked out by your therapist, they will say to you after the treatment ‘drink plenty of water’ and a good therapist will always offer you a glass of water there and then.  The lactic acid and toxins are released by the massage are now in your bloodstream, water will help this flush out easily, and avoid a headache.

As a former practitioner of holistic massage and reflexology, I like to view hypnotherapy as a ‘massage of the mind’ which can often be a very emotional experience.  As you are creating change and releasing old patterns of behavior and maybe some negative self-belief, you are releasing emotional toxins into your bloodstream.  Plenty of water to ease the process is so beneficial.

Also, as your adrenals begin to settle after an anxious time, water can help to regulate the acidity in the body, again leading to balance and harmony within the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

The humble glass of water has a lot to offer you!

Hypnotherapy can help you with all manifestations of anxiety and also if you are someone who struggles to drink enough water and you really want to hydrate more, get in touch as I can help you with hypnosis!