Hypnosis MP3 Download for Wasp and Bee Phobia



Do you dread the summer months because of your fear of bees and wasps?  It can really spoil a drink in the garden or a fun barbeque when you struggle to feel calm and relaxed around the little buzzers!

This Indigo Hypnosis download has been created to help you to feel calm and grounded around wasps and bees and will help you to change the way that you react.

The download begins with a short introduction which talks about your phobia calmly, then you will drift easily into the deeply hypnotic part of the download where you can go inside your innermost mind and make the adjustments that you need so that you can leave that old fear behind.

Self-hypnosis at home is a very powerful way to make changes within your conscious and unconscious mind, fears, and phobias just like habits can be changed by connecting to that deeper unconscious part of you.

By listening repeatedly to this session (five consecutive times or more) you will create a new way of thinking and feeling for yourself, re-wiring your mind and creating a new response.

It is said that it takes 21 days for the human mind to create a new neural pathway (way of thinking) and with hypnosis, you can create change rapidly.

51.4MB – 26 Minutes Long