Coffee and Anxiety Symptoms

Coffee and Anxiety Symptoms


Coffee culture is growing.  We meet for coffee, chat over coffee, make friends and even do business deals over coffee.  It tastes great with all of the different varieties and methods, and that combined with the buzzy environment of the coffee shop which has been revolutionized over the past 10 years or so seems to indicate coffee is here to stay.

Some of us know that feeling of not being able to ‘wake up’ fully in the morning without our caffeine dose!  Caffeine is a stimulant and as much as it can be great to get some of us up and out in the mornings and to give a real boost to afternoon productivity.  However, for those who experience anxiety, too much caffeine is bad news.

Caffeine’s effect upon the body is very similar to the symptoms of your body’s natural fear response, or the fight-flight response.  It can raise the heart rate, induce sweating, bring feelings of irritability and restlessness and alter your mood.  Too much coffee can create a nervous or on edge feeling and even prevent you from getting a good quality night’s sleep, which leads to a cycle of needing coffee to feel awake.

I am not suggesting that you give up coffee, research indicates that one or two cups a day are beneficial, however, if you are drinking over 4-5 cups a day and experiencing anxiety symptoms, you may wish to cut down a little and also consider supplementing your coffee treats by drinking plenty of water during the day as caffeine will dehydrate the body, again a no-no for those who experience any kind of anxiety.

Enjoy your coffee, in moderation and take care of your well-being as you stay aware of the link between coffee and anxiety symptoms.

If you are struggling to cut down on coffee, get in touch and we can arrange a hypnotherapy session to help you to cut down on coffee.