Hypnotherapy sessions last for one hour, with the exception of your initital appointment which is for 90 minutes. Each sessions is £75. You will also receive MP3 hypnosis downloads to support your treatment (or CD as preferred by some clients).

You can book a course of six sessions for £395

Integral Eye Movement Therapy sessions (IEMT) are 60-90 minutes and are £75 per session.


Crystal and Reiki Healing sessions are for one hour and are £55.

Reflexology Sessions are for one hour, and are £55

Elemental Healing sessions are for one hour are are £55.

You can also book a course of six sessions for £275


Past Life Regression Hypnosis sessions are £125 and the session is for two hours, sometimes a little longer.  I record the session for you so that you can enjoy listening to your past life journey after the session.  You will also receive an MP3 hypnosis download to use prior to your appointment which prepares you for the journey.


 Please note that I offer concessions to clients who are on a low income, unemployed or retired so please let me know if this applies to you.
I do operate a 24 hour notice of cancellation notice policy, you can see my terms and conditions and privacy policy here.
You can pay for your session by credit or debit card, bank transfer or cash, whichever is easiest.