Welcome to my website, Indigo Quantum Healing, a place where you can discover a range of professionally recorded hypnosis downloads and meditation tracks to enhance your life, create positive change and promote feelings of natural well-being. I am Joanne Britton, a qualified hypnotherapist, complementary therapist, and relaxation specialist; I have developed a range of recordings that help to calm the mind, inspire you and fill you with confidence.
It is my belief that we often limit ourselves and experience blockages in our awareness, of just how powerful the human mind really is. My work is dedicated to the expansion of consciousness, exploring new ways that we can make the quantum leap from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The power to change your life is within you, often buried deeply like a seed just waiting for the right kind of nourishment, encouragement and light that it needs, so it may flourish and grow.
Grow into the fullness of who you really are, go beyond any limiting self-beliefs and allow yourself to shine brightly as you create the life you deserve.